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These days virtually every web site has a character popping up and greeting us and offering assistance…novel isn’t it…an online avatar representing the business 24×7. Virtual Agents are unique combinations of artificial intelligence (AI) and an avatar or a graphical illustration who help people look for information, place orders, make reservations and more. Virtual Agent have also been known to appear as holographic projections welcoming customers in a hotel lobby, restaurant or business office reception.

A Virtual agent is an animated computer generated program, representing the business online with multiple responsibilities which include site navigation, providing information, selling products and services, providing customer service and solving problems. These virtual agents often provide a personal touch to automated interactions.

We have all had experiences where the customer service representative has been incapable of handling our issues, being impolite or not responsive. Businesses have consistently felt the need to have a more proactive and resourceful representation of its brand, products and services. Virtual agents provide a permanent alternative to hiring and maintaining real customer service representatives by reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing the brand value.

Virtual agents are typically programmed to adopt two courses of action, the first course is to follow a process or a set of pre-determined procedures to address a particular request from the customer. The second course of action is driven by AI and has increased capabilities of customer engagement, often attempting to provide information or resolve issues at its own level before transferring the call to human agents for resolution. This capability involves self learning attributes which then create response systems which do not need human intervention.


• Quick and efficient response.
• Better integration and compatibility with the existing systems.
• A 24×7 presence.
• Personalized and entertaining.
• Cost effective.

In the age of highly competitive business and increasing costs a virtual agent is a real blessing…

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