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Connectivity and computing power are two components that have revolutionized technology. Powered by digitally powered graphic capabilities and portability, mobiles and wearables are changing the way we access technology. Augmentation is becoming the next big destination in computing and businesses are investing their might in developing this.

Wanting to see how your house looks before moving in, the AR enhanced walk through gives you the feeling of being “there”, Retailers are using AR mounted magic mirrors in their stores and on mobiles, which help you decide which outfit suits you without trying it on. Advertisers, gaming companies, military and virtually every business and organization are moving towards AR enhanced applications


AR Applications...

Online gaming was one of the early adopters of AR, defense and military applications of AR used it for simulation of conflict situations and AR helped develop strategic responses in the personnel. AR will drive the all possible commercial and educational applications in the future. VR tech releases like Samsung GearVR, Playstation VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift are leading the AR thrust.

Pokemon Go and the likes have taken gaming to levels never thought possible before. With wearable technology personalizing the gaming experience even further the future of game development is exciting. Microsoft’s X-box , Sony Playstation have had AR enhanced games for some time now. Popular Android and iOS AR apps include AR Basketball, Temple Treasure Hunt, PaintBall, Spectrek among others are the games to watch.

The initiative of AR in the military is to simulate battlefield situations and progressively adapt to real-time scenarios.
The Headgear and other AR enhanced equipment is used to enhance combat readiness and also address stress related issues like battlefield trauma and other conditions in simulated and safe environments. Strategic information like enemy locations and other tactical updates can be accessed using AR driven gear.


AR based advertisements in sports is becoming trendy now, with ads which appear to be on the Football and Cricket grounds and players moving on them. Storefront views on mobiles are simulating the window shopping experience. Starbucks and AR let customers animate their red coffee cups with their smart phones, VR enabled bus stations are just a few of the examples of what AR is taking levels of advertising to.

AR has enhanced travel and tourism in a big way, a smart phone can enable the user to immerse in walk through tourist and historic sites and see information about the place on their screens. Some of these applications create a virtual walk through as the site might have looked in the past. HoloMaps AR enabled navigation of over 200 cities and landmarks as a 3D model and ViewRanger brings AR to the countryside with thousands trail guides to navigate outdoor adventures are some of the advantages AR is bringing to the industry.

AR technology is assisting students and surgeons practise surgeries in a simulated environment to perfect their skills. Patients are educated about their medical conditions using AR enhanced visual aids. AR is assisting doctors perform remote surgeries. ARanatomy, AccuVein are some AR enables applications.

AR enhanced headgear can superimpose images over the actual machinery with assisted labeling of components and every additional information accessed on demand machine maintenance and repair is becoming easier. Simulations are used in training which increase effectiveness, can be done real time and be inexpensive.

AR is taking giant strides in enhancing every area of our life and with technology and connectivity advancing every day, AR could become a constant companion to us assisting us in every way, everyday of our lives…

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