Augmented Reality is redefining learning…in our classrooms

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Augmented Reality helps supplementing reality instead of creating completely virtual ones. It is a blend of technology superimposed on locations familiar to students; AR thus has the potential to redefine learning spaces like traditional classrooms. Also mobile technology helps create personalized learning spaces, which will help students connect with educational content and enhances peer engagement.

AR will ensure a very high level of enabled student involvement which would mean that the students will retain most of what they have interactively engaged with. AR enabled interaction would mean that instructor and student will actively engage in co-learning.

Augmented reality helps children in early stages of schooling engage with the content and learn faster. Children are known to learn more by imagination and doing than by instruction. In an AR enabled classroom interactivity and hands on learning engage students more than traditional teacher driven methodologies.


Aurasma, DAQRI Anatomy 4D, Quiver, Science AR, Layar, Wikitude, Amazing Space Journey are some incredible educational AR apps that support teaching and learning. AR apps like Metaverse and Traces create of location-enabled utilities like augmented tours of the school, history, navigation tools, current activities, community engagements and more.

AR technology enables 3D modeling of almost everything and engaging students using such technology helps them understand conceptual and complex content. 3D modelling enables immersive visualization of any object and adding animations, sound and interaction actions makes the entire exercise fun and engaging. Students in technical streams can use AR enabled simulations to practice and get hands-on experience in assembly, maintenance and repairs of machines and devices.

In summary it is obvious that AR is poised to revolutionize education, by creating highly motivated and engaged learners, who will understand content better and learn concepts faster.

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