The “Flight of a Drone”… a peep into the future,

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Flying has always been an Enigma to me and the life of the feathered fraternity has been as mystical. Often in my dreams I remember flying like a bird, twisting, gliding and diving through the limitless space, an incredibly liberating experience. My flights were usually low so as to take in the sights below, a hauntingly beautiful point of view which remains with me long after the dream is gone.

The “Flight of a Drone” is equally intriguing and has triggered my imagination as has my dream flight. The drone is symbolic of our need for movement that is UN-inhibited, though we have conquered the skies, our quest lies in viewing things closer to the ground than the vast emptiness of space. Drone technology is reinventing our ‘Top View’ and our need to reach spaces which are not usually accessible.

Though the uses of Drone technology has been widely documented, I would like to revisit some of the applications to understand how it can work at places where I come from, way high in the hills. In an ecosystem surrounded by mighty expanses of forest cover and substantial patches of agricultural activities dotted with human settlements the applications would seem limited. However below is an insight into the endless possibilities of this technology,


The Eye in the Sky,

• Imagine a bird gliding effortlessly in the crystal blue sky and its eyes perfectly mapping the terrain below, capturing every detail in its view, the contours, the shades of colors, the spaces, the movement and a myriad of other details. The drone in the sky does almost everything and more especially mapping locations which are difficult to access, which can be hugely beneficial to Archaeologists, Map makers, agriculturists and all those areas where photo graphical and geographical evidence is important. If one technology can be singled out for effectiveness and huge cost benefits it is the usage of drones for Ariel surveillance.

• Imagine cutting through the dense undergrowth, living off the land and facing innumerable hurdles to determine animal numbers or to protect them. Poaching and animal census has been a mammoth challenge for environmental protectionists, the drone is making this easier, now real-time updates of animal movement and poaching and other illegal activities are reported and this will eventually be a massive boon to wild life preservation and environment protection.

• Imagine multiple drones being deployed over large areas devastated by earthquakes, tsunamis or tornadoes especially the remote areas hidden in the wild. Their data will be critical in search and rescue ops, other relief operations, causality mapping and a real eye in the sky which provides information on the closest help outpost or the best way to access such areas.
• Imagine drones patrolling our city skies capturing all the happenings below on the ground like reporting crime scenes, tracking the culprits, assessing the damage, covering accidents, mapping traffic among the seemingly endless applications of this revolutionary technology.

The ’Tip if the Iceberg” is a fitting figure of speech for the uses of a drone, and we have only touched upon the social benefits of this technology, as for the commercial application we will leave it to another day…

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