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“Prevention is better than Cure”

Timeless as it is this saying encompasses the challenges facing mankind today, Healthcare and wellness are two facets of this quote. Healthcare has evolved to dizzying levels over the past decades and this has made it effective as well as expensive. Healthcare has progressively become accessible to everybody through health insurance and other support systems but still maintains excusive benefits for the affluent. Wellness is still a desirable state and technology is playing a major role in redefining it.

Though healthcare systems world over has embraced technology in a large way it still has a long way to go before you have instant access and treatment. “Uberization” of healthcare is still to be realized in this age of IoT and AI.

Having said that the industry is getting the attention it needed, currently there is enormous amount of awareness among the stake holders including governments, insurance providers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, medical professionals and the patients themselves.


IoT & Healthcare...

IoT is spurring the next wave of evolution in the healthcare industry with connected medical devices being introduced into the medical ecosystem the possibilities of access, treatment, and prevention have grown. The industry is investing heavily in digital health technologies the age of smart medical treatment is not far away.

Manufacturing of Medical equipment and pharmaceutical companies have integrated robotics and other connected technologies in a big way, and IoT is playing a critical role in the management of these systems. Application management systems have evolved to include Operations clinical and administrative, resource management human and material, advanced monitoring and treatment systems just to name a few.

Emergency care, last mile connectivity and end-user management systems will become integrated into every healthcare institution.
As IoT matures its integration into mainstream healthcare is inevitable, from data generation to data management to data analysis the evolution will lead to path breaking developments in the future. Remote monitoring, analysis, real time diagnosis and treatment will become accessible and affordable as technology enhances the capabilities of the medical fraternity.


IoT & Wellness...

Wellness will be the way to go for the future generations to come as the IoT enabled devices feed data and information continuously into our lives.

The wearables are changing the way we live with our smart watches, smart shoes, smart jewellery, smart tattoos and the likes constantly helping us be aware of the lifestyles we lead and prompt us to male healthier choices in our eating habits, exercise routines, sleeping routines, wok habits and our lifestyle habits.

We are now in the midst of an emerging revolution and “Prevention” will stake its might over “Cure” and life as we know it will change for ever…

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