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IoT is a critical contributor to the transformation of industry across the world, in the manufacturing industry IoT is enabling systems to become more effective, efficient, self evaluating, intelligent and secure.

Manufacturing systems encompass goods, operations, machines, processes, people, logistics and a whole array of activities. The Internet of Things is redefining the integration of Information systems and Operational systems in manufacturing; in essence it is blending the physical and the digital.

Manufacturing is commonly perceived as production of goods, but integration of technology has evolved techno-material systems, which leverages data and information to define and refine existing processes and practices to meet projected outcomes.

“That’s not a manufacturing defect – It’s SUPPOSED to have a hole in the middle.”

Opportunities ...

IoT due to its inherent connectedness is influencing existing operational systems of material handling and management, robotics and intelligent production systems, resource and performance optimization, man- machine engagement, and operational life-cycle management.

IoT’s built in self monitoring capabilities are positively impacting areas such as quality, performance, security, and break down analysis among other things. Man management, risk management, productivity management, facility management and vendor management are among the systems in which IoT is making huge strides.

The Future...

In a connected world the lines between being a manufacturing organization and a service provider have blurred. Increased mechanization and remote monitoring facilities have improved operational performances resulting on effort, material and cost optimization.

Manufacturers are now precisely determining their strategies; staying abreast of their ultimate business objectives, timing the incorporation of new technology, moving beyond traditional operational systems to adopt a more analytical, feedback dependent learning approach.

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