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On the 3rd of April, Martin Cooper made the first public cellular phone in a publicity stunt in New York. However the first recognizable apps came with Psion’s range of handheld computers, they were mostly PDA’s which used the EPOC system. The 16 BIT machines [SIBO] which were first released in the early 90s, and ran EPOC, allowed users programs like word processor, database, spreadsheet and diary. Later models in the range, running a 32 bit OS would come with up to 2MB RAM and allow users to add additional apps via software packs. As a result of such events, human life has changed as we are more focused on having things which ease our day to day life. A company dedicated to aiding anyone looking for a mobile app development company is Pentoz.

Pentoz, is a unique company which is dedicated to create, test and programapplication software’s, and mobile apps, a software application is developed specifically for the use of small, wireless computer devices, such as smartphones, tablets, rather than desktop or laptop computers, which makes it a very essential aspect of human life, we need these apps to ensure that we use our phones better, we offer such services at Pentoz.

With regards to the languages used in this programming of the devices by Pentoz, we advise on HTML5, which is the ideal programming language for anyone who is looking to build a web-fronted app for mobile devices. Although we recommend this, it is noteworthy that we know IOS apps are different in recommendation, the primary programming language for these apps, [Objective- C] has been chosen by apple to build apps that are robust and scalable. My company is diverse and we ensure that, be it an IOS, blackberry or android, we can handle them all, and give you a satisfactory result.

At Pentoz, we design, develop and deliver mobile aps across all major platforms, including IOS as has been carefully stated above, as well as Windows mobile. If you are looking for the best company in this business, you are in good hands with us, generally our customer’s satisfaction is our objective, and we work tirelessly to attain our objectives.

In ensuring that our services are rendered to the satisfaction of our clients, this mobile app development company, offers user experience testing [UX] as a means of achieving high consumer satisfaction. By user experience testing here we mean, trying to see how to use something by testing it with real users. Users are asked to complete tasks, typically while they are being observed by researchers, to see where they may encounter problems and experience confusion. This initiative is to ensure that our work is capable of being used by anyone and our aim is our customer’s satisfaction at Pentoz.

Therefore, if you are in need of a mobile app development, our company will provide you with all your needs, from service as required up to delivery which is comfortable and perfect for all interested parties. Once again we are the best available, it will be in your best interest to try us, we guarantee extremely good work. For more information with regards to our services, check out our website

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Pentoz Technology focuses on app development for the Web, iOS, and Android mobile products. Based in Texas, Bengaluru, and Ooty building apps for startups and Fortune 500 clients.

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