Mobile Apps for Business…why do you need it?

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“Old McDonald had a phone… and on his phone he had some Apps…Here an App there an App everywhere an App App…Old McDonald had a phone…” As the rhyme goes, Mobile Apps have become a way of life and there is an app for anything and everything, the industry is touted to cross $60 billion in just a couple of years. Apps have redefined the use of the smart phone, apart from the ones that come pre-fed into the phone there are millions out there and the numbers are growing.

Businesses are leveraging this opportunity and are joining the wave in hordes. Increased computing capabilities and fast connectivity have changed the way we access the internet, today a majority of users are accessing the internet through their mobiles. Just having a mobile compatible website is not enough; having your own app has become the order of the day.

Whatever your business may be, apps can create the connect,

• Keep your employees linked and engaged by providing them an app to connect, communicate and contribute.
• Reach out to your customers to support them, update them on offerings or simply to sell to them again, an app will be critical.
• Highlight your niche or USP and tell the world about your product/ service.

Your business will need an app,

• If your website/ blog has a particular segment of people visiting to look you up or buy or just give feedback, having an app will take the engagement to an altogether new level.
• If a particular feature engages your internal or external customer your app could magnify the interaction and anything else projected through the app will receive equal attention.
• If you are a technology intensive company an app can become a powerful marketing tool whether it is used to make presentations or to educate the customer on the nuances of your business.
• If the competition has beaten you to it, an app will help you stay in contention.

It also important to note that,

• Your business cannot be contained in one single app, you can have various apps with specific objectives addressing specific audiences, and this makes the interaction more focussed.
• Your app needs to be updated constantly to stay relevant; also if you are planning on multiple apps you need to have resources in place to manage them.
• Responding to feedbacks on the performance of your app is critical as the user feels connected when his review is acknowledged and worked upon.

As we conclude it is interesting to observe that one of the most compelling reasons to have an App of your own is because, once downloaded, you are in the customers face Online and Offline and this will create an opportunity for him to engage with you sooner or later.

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