Mobile Apps & E-Commerce – The winds of change…

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“Add to Cart” & “Buy” are now familiar terms for all those who have bought anything online and most will agree that the ease of buying, the choices on offer and the prices make online shopping truly pleasurable. Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics are completely redefining the way selling happens online.

Anyone who uses the Amazon app for shopping or simply browsing through its products will swear that there is someone who is tracking them online, snooping on their shopping patterns, preferences and behaviour and presenting them with product choices they have very recently searched for. In-app advertising, social media advertising and referral marketing tools used by e-commerce companies are revolutionizing the way people are shopping online.

With mobile apps everything is thought for choices, shopping, offer coupons, cash back offers and the ease of payment (Banking Apps, E-wallets…) it is a complete experience. Any App based interaction leads to data being generated about the customer and his preferences and this is leveraged by the ecommerce firms to personalize offerings through advertising, notifications, updates and more…


From the organizations point of view, the entire engagement, from the time the mobile App is downloaded to the time a purchase is made, is about knowing each other. Most online buying decisions are made after studying the ratings and reviews about the product. This means the organization has to not only brand itself effectively, but also address and resolve issues as and when they arise and update customers on buying patterns of other people who have purchased the product or service.

Product information, benefits, limitations, guarantees, subscriptions, offers and every other possible info needs to be made available at the point of buying. Speed of response, options, availability, delivery details, feedback and a host of issues are critical to keep the customer loyal to the organization.

A few more elements e-commerce companies and mobile app developer need to be sensitive about are,

• Customization of the app by mapping the buying behaviour and other traits, tailoring the info and presenting it through in app ads to provide the personalized feel.

• Website turnaround time needs to be real time; quick loading of info is an absolute business imperative. Customers will move on in an instant if not attended to.

The future of mobile apps will most certainly move towards voice based interactions. Data and business analytics involving decision management systems will be the drivers of businesses in the years to come…

Mobile Apps & E-Commerce – The winds of change…
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