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Will The Internet of Things Change the World ???

The Internet of Things is burning new pathways leading to mind boggling changes in the way we interact with the world. Though the IoT ecosystem is still emerging and scrappy with challenges in navigating the complexity of connectivity, data, analytics and monetization. The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to be the driving force by blending the real and digital worlds by its connectedness and its inherent intelligence.


Will it dominate our world in the near future??? The trends and research most surely predict it will and the tools for transformation will be our devices our mobiles, wearable technologies, connected cars, home appliances, smart cities, digital industries, and a horde of things to come and a research suggest that we would have over 28 billion connected devices around the world in a couple of years and most of them would be IoT technology.



Connectivity undoubtedly is the underpinning force driving the IoT and service providers of communication technologies would be leading the IoT evolution. The opportunities presenting itself would range from the obvious to the bizarre, from the predictable growing of “Smart” Homes, Cities, devices and the likes, to socially impacting outcomes like reducing Crime, safe guarding our natural resources like our water supplies, to creating infrastructure where technology would drive space management, resource optimization, waste management, community development and more.


IoT and its ecosystem will undoubtedly generate an incredible amount of data and the possibilities that data represents can be overwhelming. The data and the information processed from it would need to be converted into knowledge by analyzing its uses and applications and finally the Learning that follows which enables reflection, redesign, reinvention and reapplication thus completing the circle to optimize performance, improve efficiency and deliver the promise.

Though IoT is driven by technology it is more about how it impacts businesses and life at large that would encourage the future generations to embrace it.

Are you ready…

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