Urban Spaces and IOT…Building the cities of the future…

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Urban migration has the promise of employment, opportunities, economic well being, education, urban lifestyles, and much more. To sustain this movement and growth, urban clusters will need to become more efficient and with the advent of the Internet of Things IOT, smart cities will set standards of urban living.

But what is a smart city?

The Internet of Things (IoT) and its devices operate various public systems and in the process generate data and this data is used to study and create systems to improve infrastructure, community utilities and services, conservation and utilization natural resources and education …just to name a few.


The Future of the IoT and Smart Cities...

The possibilities of creating smart cities is unlimited like the Integration of the IoT systems and solutions into areas like infrastructure development are leading to reduction of costs, improvement in structure and safety, reduction and efficient management of energy and other resources, optimization of space, future ready designs and more…

Other Smart Solutions include...


Smart Urban Mobility

• Smart Parking
• Intelligent Traffic Management
• Connected transport and tracking

Smart Energy Management

• Alternative energy generation, renewable sources (Solar, Wind…)
• Smart Grids and power saving systems

Smart Governance

• Efficient Information dissipation to the public
• Acknowledgement and addressing of grievances
• Creating ownership and participation of citizens
• Monitoring of crime and creation of advanced response systems

Smart Resource and Waste Management...

• Water management and Water conservation systems
• Green cover management, conservation of forests and other natural resources
• Effective management of all kinds of waste
• Conversion of waste into energy, compost, building materials etc,…
• Waste reduction and waste recycling systems

Some more Smart systems...

• Smart Healthcare and Smart education
• Skill development and creation of employment.

The scope and future of urban living with the IOT is breathtaking...

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