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The uses of VR extend beyond Gaming, defence and healthcare, to education & research, arts and entertainment, engineering & design, business & travel…

As the technology that drives Virtual reality systems evolve to develop newer models, advanced engagement and increased adaptability the challenges of design, cost and application will have to be factored in. But the miniaturizing of technology, improved connectivity and increasing demand will ensure that the future of virtual reality is exciting.


VR devices used in clinical therapy have proved to be very effective like the Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) which is used for treating anxiety disorders and phobias. VR enabled simulated surgeries help surgeons learn and hone their surgical skills before getting into the real operation. VR driven applications help students of medicine and trainee surgeons to observe and practice complex surgeries without stepping into the operating room.

Future applications in healthcare

Immersive VR can help managing pain by diverting the mind with positive feelings. Research has shown that virtual stimuli can influence human perception, alter emotions and change physiological states and eventually enable him to adapt to social transformation more effectively.



VR is used to provide beginners and experts alike with a virtual ecosystem where they can practice and improve their skill without worrying about failing.

Simulated trainings have been a part of most defence training establishment’s world over, but with the advent of VR the simulations have impacted the outcomes hugely and because of the immersive nature of the exercises the effect is really long lasting. In space trainings the VR simulations help astronauts adapt to zero-gravity, work in such environments, learn to spacewalk and work with tools in space. VR Flight simulators are now a norm in pilot training. Training tank drivers and fire fighters using VR simulators have vastly improved their abilities.

Advertising and Marketing

Virtual reality being a completely immersive experience has encouraged businesses and institutions to use VR based advertisements to maximize impact on the targeted segments. Globally impacting events and life changing experiential activations are created using VR tools and presented online for educating people about the events and raising funds to help the affected people.

Retailers are now increasingly using VR to present their products, helping consumers visualize how a product looks from a 360 degree angle and how eventually it would fit into their home.


More applications of VR...

Architectural design firms and real estate clients use virtual models to present building designs. Developers and owners create VR model of built spaces that allow potential buyers or tenants to walk through the space in VR.

Virtual reality is used to transform music videos to them more intense and powerful.

VR programs are increasingly used for urban planning, infrastructure and transportation projects.

VR is being used to develop virtual replicas of historical sites, old towns, monuments, sculptures, natural landscapes and archaeological sites.

VR is seen intensive applications in Gaming, Engineering, arts, entertainment, education, Fashion, Business, Sport and more and is set to positively impact our lives in the future.

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