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VR headgears are becoming the door ways to a amazingly immersive experiences. VR devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Varjo, Google Cardboard and Mixed Reality have the potential to become the computing platforms of the future. Instead of desktops or mobile devices we will progressively adopt Virtual or Augmented Reality based immersive interactions.

Business have begun to embrace VR in a big way and some of the applications listed below will become the way to go for the future of industry,

One of the disadvantages of online shopping is the lack of the touch and feel experience of the product which traditional shopping provides. VR and AR are fast overcoming this challenge “magic mirrors” and the likes are redefining personal grooming with immersive experiences and augmented imagery of the products. 360 degree product views, virtual window shopping, store tours, augmented product offers and more are enhancing the online shopping experiences consistently.

The Realty and Hospitality industries are increasingly adopting VR enabled virtual tours, which take customers through an immersive walk through of the location, property, facility to create the experience of “being there” before they make a room booking or decide to buy a property. VR’s immersive guided tours help you travel to places you may never be able to go including locations which are dangerous. Discovery VR, YouVisit, Jaunt VR, Samsung Milk VR among others are taking to places around the earth without moving an inch from where you are.


VR and immersive simulation creates deep learning which conventional training techniques cannot even imagine achieving. Amazingly realistic visuals “deceive” our brain into believing what we see and this seeing and believing creates valuable impressions on our mind which enables deep learning. Oculus’s VirtualSpeech is an example of VR app which helps build public speaking skills.

Simulation trainings were always a part of Defence and Aviation industries, but now advanced immersive features are making the trainings not only effective but long lasting too. VR enabled training is now finding immense popularity in Healthcare, Entertainment, Automotive, Advertising, Education, Tourism and other industries.

Businesses have progressively accepted virtual reality as an effective and economical method of developing a product or service. It is effective because it helps early detection and correction of design errors. It is economical because it eliminates the expensive trial and error approach of building many test versions of the prototype. Also VR enabled designing and testing is predominantly valuable for organizations producing hazardous products which have to be tested before commercial consumption.


OTHER BUSINESSES which are benefitting from VR are the organizations which enable virtual interactions like conferencing where collaborative interaction can be facilitated thus saving on travel and time.

Manufacturing industries employ VR to map every characteristic of a component, process or mechanism which can then be simulated and tested and can be used for production, training or maintenance.

Almost anything that we do can be virtualized and any business can benefit from VR in the future since any process can be simulated in VR the possibilities are limitless.

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