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Engineering Design and VR...

VR and its immersive 3D visualization capability is fast becoming an important partner in the visualization and design at each stage of the product life cycle, right from developing a prototype to delivery of the final product.

VR in engineering has three fundamental dimensions, i.e. Design, Maintenance and Training. It has the capability of micro visualization through advanced graphic, audio, movement and projection tools, which enables access to the minutest details of the product design.

Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, created a revolution by creating relatively affordable VR headgear delivering stunning gaming and entertainment applications. With the superior technology and amazing display quality their usage started becoming global. One of the foremost fields to use the headgears was the design and engineering fields and the application of VR has created incredible opportunities for design engineers worldwide.

In its earlier form VR was limited to large projects with massive budgets like flight simulation and aerospace applications. With the advent of the VR headgear its applications have moved on from big industrial machinery design where it is a natural ally, to smaller and more day to day utility items like consumer durables, personal and commercial fixtures, smaller machine designs and almost all ancillary processes like marketing, logistics and others…

The advantages of building a VR enabled digital prototype versus a physical one has multiple advantages, principal among them was a massive reduction in cost, 3D modeling and visualization, unlimited capabilities of design modifications, compressed design cycles, optimized resources, multiple stakeholder engagement and more…


Simulation, engagement and application...

Prototyping using VR technology has a unique advantage of having capabilities of virtual testing or applications once the design process is complete. Simulated environments offer advantages like real time feedback on performance and corrections, and the obvious advantage of cost reductions.

Though VR is essential an immersive technology, it has room for simultaneous participation from multiple stakeholders across geographies. The advantages of such interactions are numerous like simultaneous ideation, multi disciplinary engagement to cover all processes, cost benefits arising from lesser travel of stake holders and all the advantages of VR mentioned earlier…/p>

Prototyping new car designs involve the production of various models and testing their capabilities under VR enabled simulated environments has transformed the segment leading to previously unimaginable designs like self driven cars and more. With drone deliveries, Air taxis, commercial space travel and the likes, VR in engineering and design is successfully treading into uncharted territories…

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