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Immersion is the new Mantra and one area which has been at the forefront through the ages albeit with its content and presentation is the entertainment industry. The movies and the theatre have engaged the masses for years. 3D movies and simulated gaming have been the closest to the immersive experience and have been immensely popular over the years. Virtual reality is taking this bastion by storm and has extended its immersive tentacles to areas like travel, museums Art and others.


The Magic of Movies and Gaming:...

Personal VR devices like the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive and access to video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are redefining the experience of watching movies. The uniquely immersive experience sets it apart from the regular movie hall or home theater experience.

The videos are projected through the VR headgear and watching movies through the device offers you a full blown immersive experience. The distraction free experience would help not only entertaining oneself in the comfort of your homes but is a hugely advantageous id you are flying or traveling long distances.

VR and Immersion are words which immediately spring to your mind when we talk about gaming. Game developers over the past two years are working towards creating games which are not only graphics intensive but also progressively immersive and virtually engaging.
Bio-sensing technology like data gloves or movement sensing body wear and the associated devices are catching on with gaming enthusiasts. The gaming industry still has a long way to go for total immersion, superlative graphic content and presentation.

With expectations raising the big guns like Sony and Microsoft with their play stations and X-boxes are investing billions into VR technology. VR headgear like the Rift and Vive are leading the gaming wave with games designed specifically for each one like “The Climb” from Crytek for the Oculus Rift and “The Blu” from Wevr for HTC Vive are the current generation game offerings.


Music & The future of Immersion...

The music industry is slowly waking up to the reality of virtual immersion, and addressing the “YouTube” generation, 2D music videos are getting jaded and the tech enthusiasts are asking for more. Headphones created the closest immersive music experience for a whole generation which grew up with personal entertainment devices. The current generation want the visual experience integrated with the audio and in the age of remixes and music adaptations the opportunities are endless.

From Live show viewing to video streaming on demand the excitement is only growing. If VR can encompass the golden age of music the 70’s and 80’s to create immersive content by adapting the timeless music to the virtual environment then it will have created a whole new zone to chill out.

The possibilities are endless and the future is bright, Virtual Theater, Virtual theme-parks, Virtual storytelling and more. To entertain a generation of technology crazy citizens VR is setting trends which will go a long way in making entertainment immersive and personal. The future of entertainment is most certainly VR…

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