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The fashion industry might have been slow in embracing VR but they have been taking giant steps to make up and as anyone from the fashion world would say they are doing it in “Style”. Some of the not so visible benefits for the fashion industry would be in the enterprise opportunities the business offers. Design and development being the foremost, simulated VR environments for designers are a huge success from time and effort reduction, resource optimization to economic benefits the pluses are many.

The visible benefits are...

Fashion retailers are increasingly taking to VR gear to help shoppers immerse themselves in their fashion shows and store displays which help them in exhibiting a huge range of apparels and accessories without space and inventory limitations. Also the immersive experience has a huge impact on the buying decision and cash counters.

Smart fitting rooms and interactive mirrors are changing the way people are adapting fashion. VR creates the virtual ambience and the visual engagement for people to try out a limitless number of fashion wear without having to physically put them on. Because of the sheer range of options available to them multiple buying decisions are enhanced.


Fashion brands and event managers are going further they are taking the 360 degree complete immersive experience and making them personal you can watch real-time live streaming of fashion shows and other fashion events in the comfort of your living room and experience “Being There” virtually.

In a new zone the virtual reality series “Fashionably Bound” offers a unique immersive experience taking viewers on a virtual tour and showcasing the street fashion of cities. The show takes you on an immersive experience of nightlife, boutiques and dining with lots of youthful, striking, and stylishly attired locals. The aim apparently is to create a virtually interactive magazine of sorts which bring you style patterns and preferences from acround the world.

Fashion advertising is surging ahead with innovative engagements like the Sports Illustrated event when it bundled their special swimsuit editions with Google Cardboards and the Sports Illustrated app and its VR experiment was a step up in the VR fashion ladder.


VR in fashion is just taking baby steps but with the possibilities becoming really exciting the world may see a new sun rising over the fashion horizon…

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