VR in Training…breaking the ice…

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VR in Training…breaking the ice…

For years Training meant, exhaustive classroom sessions, lifeless power-point presentations, tons of instructional hand outs, graveyard sessions and what not… Then the field/ technical which was a little more engaging but way too much detail had to be ingested at one go and usually the classic tag line followed, “You will learn through experience, start working” and what followed was anyone’s guess.

VR is changing it all with its immersive experience and 360 degree expanse; it has added multiple dimensions to the concept of learning. The benefits are huge, risk minimization, cost optimization, time saving, hugely impacting, cutting across geographical limitations and a host of other benefits which can be listed.

Here are a few Training applications that VR is driving…

VR in ER, Training in Healthcare

The training potential for VR in healthcare is tremendous, the video shows real time operating scenario with 360 degree immersion for trainees to get a complete feel of an ER operation. Training through simulation is immensely beneficial from the trainee point view, the immersive experience is the closest to the live scenario he can get with the procedure.

The trainee can also make any number of mistakes without the fear of loss to life or limb and work towards fine tuning his skills. New approaches can be experimented with surgical procedures and treatments alike before applying it in real life. From the hospital or organization point of view, reduction of training costs, increased efficiency, time saving and multi location applications are just some of the advantages.

VR in Engineering Maintenance & Repair...

The video shows how VR can shrink the size of the machinery to workable models; it is an amazing way to learn machines. The training potential here is tremendous as we look beyond maintenance to design and development or innovation, the scope is really exciting. VR gives us the ability to look deep and the 3D imagery makes it very realistic, and as the touch and feel through sensors improve the engagement will make it more remarkable. Again the benefits are limitless, improvisations, cost effectiveness, multi location interactions and more…

VR in Construction Training...

Simulations can be so realistic that as you scale the heights of the construction, a sense of lightness becomes evident. The training potential here is exciting as the modeling encompasses micro details. Drawings and details on the screen being just a touch away it makes it very effective and the training itself can be departmentalised to cover individual operations to make it relevant. As with engineering application to design and geo centric information makes it an absolute must for the future of the construction industry.

VR in Sports Training

Strategy and planning is critical in sport and almost every game is adapting to technology in a big way. Working beyond analytics and statistics, VR is bringing the feel of the play up close and making it so life like that players become completely immersed in it to the point that their vital signs rise up as if they were in a real game. Training with VR is working wonders with players becoming mentally strong and tactically effective.

VR in Food Training...

Training and games have been partners for a long time now and this video has exemplified the benefits of learning through game engagement. Simple procedures are simulated with engaging graphics and actions which have known to stay longer in the mind than simple verbal or written instructions.

VR applications still have a long way to go with their content and presentation but the opportunities are unbelievably vast and the future of training in VR promises to be incredibly exciting….

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