Pentoz is a Leading business innovation firm for new business ideas focusing on Web, Mobile and Gaming Apps Development. Based in USA, India, UK, Canada, UAE

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We are the end to end partner in Blockchain Application Development right from strategy development, prototyping, development, quality assurance to deployment, support, and maintenance.

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Pentoz technology believes in delivering top-of-the-line performance by building the result-oriented AI solutions to boost the productivity of businesses.

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We believe our cutting-edge technology will lead the future of nanotechnology, by providing solutions to a vast amount of current challenges.

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Virtual Reality

Being a powerful tool not only for sales, marketing, and gaming but for every business today, AR and VR revolutionize the process of making apps.

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We strive to build robotics technology that will not only transform society as a whole but also push mankind forward.

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App Development

As leaders in mobile app development, we help design and build beautiful, intuitive app experiences that go beyond simply increasing conversions, and positively impact people’s lives.

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Get our latest thinking on the biggest opportunities and most challenging
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Famous Bomb diffusing Robots

Famous Bomb Defusing Robots

There is no doubt that technology has benefited the human race to a great extent and year by year, it just getting better. And talking about innovations like Bomb Disposal robots, it has always been the need of the hour as numerous armed personnel loose their lives while dealing with…
4 Military Applications of The Internet of Things

4 Military Applications of The Internet of Things

Contemporary military operations are becoming increasingly complex, multifaceted, and unpredictable. The technological capabilities of allies and adversaries advance every day. And this puts more pressure on military commanders. They have to anticipate, assess, and take action in increasingly pressurized environments and restricted timeframes. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a potential…
Top 5 apps that help your Productivity

Top 5 apps that help your Productivity

As you are aware, there are so many apps out there in the market. It is hard to pick the best out of best. There is a mobile application for everything to run your business in an effective way. However, here is a list of apps that can help your…
Best News Apps

Best News Apps!

News aggregator apps available on Android have dramatically reshaped how we stay informed with the latest news. Newspapers, tabloids, and even broadcast have become a thing of the past. We chose the following apps by analyzing their performance on Android smartphones and iPhones. The following roundup will feature five of…

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Innovate Inspire Elevate.

Pentoz is an innovative consulting firm providing solutions for business that deserve better ideas. Driven by innovation with roots in technology, data, and experience, we help business leaders create strategies that make a positive impact in businesses.
We help companies align with the world and customers of tomorrow and build meaningful and lasting relationships.
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Whether you’re the founder of a business, an entrepreneur trying to break out into the business world or someone with just an idea that is innovative, we’ve been there.
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Global Consulting

Pentoz Technology has a serious commitment to getting the things done that really matter to ensure the business and the people can thrive.

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