SpaceX just propelled a Falcon 9 stacked with Starlink web satellites

After a couple of scoured dispatch endeavors a week ago, SpaceX’s first rocket stacked with 60 Starlink satellites has effectively taken off from Cape Canaveral. One hour and two minutes after the 10:30 PM ET dispatch the satellites are booked to start arrangement, making a beeline for their operational elevation of 550km over the Earth. […]

Nanotechnology in Defense

  Military sorts haven’t neglected to see that nanotechnology could have a major effect on how troops capacity, travel and remain safe. The choices run from what the fashionable warrior will wear to techniques for making a flying machine that can change shape while the plane is in flight. Nanotechnology in Defense: Applications being worked […]

NOAA seeks funding for innovative technologies, novel partnerships

NOAA’s Satellite and Data Service is requesting nearly $17.3 million in 2020 funding for a series of initiatives to explore the potential contributions of latest knowledge partnerships, little satellites, and advanced technologies. In the 2020 budget request delivered to Congress in March, the agency seeks $10 million for trade studies, analyses and attainable flight demonstrations […]

Boeing launches innovation program

Boeing on Monday proclaimed the launch of the Boeing University Innovation Leadership Development (BUILD) program for university students, school and early-stage startups. BUILD can facilitate innovators convert their concepts into viable business offerings that have the potential to form the longer term of Indian region and defense. For BUILD, Boeing has partnered with seven incubators, as well as Bengaluru-based Indian Institute of Science (IISc), the others being Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, […]

NASA reveals funding needed for Moon program, says it will be named Artemis

NASA discovered Mon that it desires a further $1.6 billion in funding for twelvemonth 2020 to remain not off course for a person’s come to the Moon by 2024. The area agency’s budget modification comes additionally to the $21 billion the Trump administration asked Congress for in March. In a group discussion with reporters on […]

Robots in Military transportation

Logistics have always been an important part of successful warfare. Military transportation robots can increase the efficiency of logistics as well as aid soldiers in movement. There are a lot of things to move both on the battlefield as well as in its vicinities like weapons, ammunition, and different supplies. In the end, causalities also […]

Popular robots used in the US military

One of the main goals of robots is to do jobs that are too dangerous for humans. In some cases, it can be a repetitive task that might eventually lead to injuries or task that is directly in contact with a particular danger. Robots with Artificial Intelligence help in different ways in the US military. And here is the list of popular robots used […]

What Does NASA, Google, Instagram, Netflix And Spotify Have In Common?

What Does NASA, Google, Instagram, And Spotify Have In Common? The global programming landscape is growing by leaps and bounds. People need websites, and if you know how to make them, you will never be out of work. Many of these programming languages pre-date the age of the Internet. Yet these programming languages are still […]

The Next Chinese Robot Warships

In the western Pacific, China already has an advantage in ships numbers compared to the United States. If the Chinese fleet acquires large numbers of inexpensive robotic vessels, that advantage could grow. The Chinese company has revealed a design for a small robotic warship that could compete with unmanned warships the United States is developing. […]

Three ways robots can save lives in war

There are risks and downsides of weaponized artificial intelligence (AI), but there are upsides too. Robots offer greater precision in attacks, reduced risk of collateral damage to civilians, and reduced risk of “friendly fire”. AI weapons are not being developed as weapons of mass destruction. They are being developed as weapons of precise destruction. Military AI facilitates ever greater precision […]

US Navy has bought a fleet of robot submarines

US Navy has bought a fleet of robot submarines. The Navy is bulking up its fleet of autonomous robot vessels with the purchase of a cadre of four of Boeing’s extremely large and incredibly grandiose unmanned Orca submarines. Contract On Feb. 13, the Navy awarded Boeing a $43 million contract to produce four of the 51-foot Orca Extra Large […]

5 Military Robots of the Future

The growth and advancement in technology are high. The use of Artificial Intelligence in defense has increased a lot and it is the need of the hour. We have rounded up the 5 Military Robots of the Future in this article. Atlas Atlas is the latest in a line of advanced humanoid robots. Its’ control system […]