The Insider Secret on AI in Agriculture Discovered

The Insider Secret on AI in Agriculture Discovered The Key to Successful AI in Agriculture Utilizing AI to discover impoverished locations or increase agriculture techniques is only a start. Now, AI is impacting many different areas too. There are hundreds of more ways that AI could be helping people aren’t even hoping to deploy yet, […]

Look Before You Leap: The Latest Solar Panel News You Need to Know Before You Buy

Solar panels are one of the best ways for the average consumer to save money and lower their carbon footprint. Even better, the latest solar panel advances have made a new solar power system more affordable than ever before. Keep reading to find out about the newest solar energy technology and how it will impact […]

Much of the carbon dioxide can be continuously recycled; the rest can be captured cheaply.

The world is probably stuck with natural gas as one of our primary sources of electricity for the foreseeable future. Cheap and readily available, it now accounts for more than 30 percent of US electricity and 22 percent of world electricity. And although it’s cleaner than coal, it’s still a massive source of carbon emissions. […]

How Blockchain Technology Can Save The Environment?

While technology and the industrial revolution have been the biggest culprits in the environmental impact,  technology may as also be the saving grace. One such technology that has shown a lot of promise is blockchain. The environment is something you are very familiar with. It’s everything that makes up our surroundings and affects our ability […]