Smart Fight! Apps that help Militants

Smart Fight! Apps that help Militants

Technological mobile apps have evolved. The mobile apps not only help us in simple cooking they also help militants in various aspects. With a simple touch, these apps help military men on the battlefield.

Based on utility and feature, here are the top ten apps that help militants for a smart fight!

Tactical NAV

Smart Fight! Apps that help Militants
Smart Fight! Apps that help Militants

US Army soldier created Tactical NAV app. The app was built during a combat deployment to Afghanistan. It is available for conventional and special operations forces throughout the world. AppDaddy Technologies currently sells this app and is available in App Store and Google Play.

This is a military-grade GPS navigation application developed for the military, first responders, search-and-rescue (SAR) and law enforcement personnel. It uses the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) to enable the users to map and plot waypoints and military graphics with high-accuracy. The app also allows for a secured transfer of location and waypoint data through email, text and Facebook.


MilGPS is compatible with iPad and iPhone and requires iOS 8.0 or later versions.

The military-grade features of the premium land navigator include real-time display of current location even without a cellular signal. The app also enables the user to create and navigate unlimited waypoints.

It is a premium navigation application for soldiers, search-and-rescue personnel and other professional navigators worldwide. It uses MGRS & United States National Grid (USNG) for mapping locations.

Military Acronyms 

Military Acronym is a useful tool for officers, non-commissioned officers, enlisted personnel, contractors. It displays the results of acronyms after conducting an exhaustive search through multiple online databases for more than 150,000 military related acronyms. You can bookmark searched acronyms.

The app has been developed by Skytrait and is available for purchase in Google Play store.

Army OneSource Services Locator

Army OneSource Services Locator is a search application to identify local Army programmes, services or resources. List of options is displayed along with a map view,once users enter zip code, city or state information. There are categories such as mobilisation/deployment support, and employment assistance. The app also provides driving directions to each location.

Department of Army Headquarters, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command, Family Programs Directorate manages this tool. It is available for download on iTunes App Store.

Army Ranger Handbook

Army Ranger Handbook offers information on latest techniques and tactics used by US Army Rangers. The application’s features include full support for retina displays, inputs on deception, stealth, communications, escape and evasion, ambush operations, booby traps, demolitions perimeter defense, counterintelligence, and much more.

Double Dog Studios is the developer of the application. This app is a manual for Rangers in field. The app is available for download on iTunes App Store.