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Your Personal GPS Cycling Tracker

Bicycle Computer is now helping in excess of 100,000 cyclists to make the most of their ride. In any case, the organization needed to improve the cycling knowledge further by giving some more highlights to the clients.

The top notch adaptation of the application is worked to give more security and execution improving advantages to the cyclists.Bike Computer’s top notch form means to make each ride agreeable while guaranteeing your well being.

“We need to enable cyclists to find the best gear for them. We need to interface them with bicycle shops who are endeavoring to convey present day and cool items.

They make the rigging that cyclists can appreciate, and we have the network that acknowledges the exertion. It is a simple match”, says Maria Smith, association supervisor at Bike Computer.Bike Computer has effectively reported organizations with various autonomous bicycle looks the world over so as to convey Premium Deals to its locale.

10 months in the wake of propelling Bike Computer has come to more than 350,000 downloads for Android and iOS, with more than 350k clients who have secured over 6.4 million miles to date. Presently, they are prepared to offer back to the cyclists.

They did this so as to profit the cyclists, and help bolster the free bicycle shops and the startup. The crusade called “Premium Deals” offers item limits to the top notch clients of Bike Computer, adequately making the membership pay for itself.

Premium clients gain admittance to customized measurements, Keep me Safe, and a Dark Theme.Safety First!Financial Times called ‘cycling as the new golf’ due to its capacity to network devoted experts who cycle to assuage pressure and investigate their physical points of confinement.

However, just few applications are contemplating improving the security of cyclists who continuous streets outside of as far as possible, regularly riding in solitude.Cars, terrible streets, exploded tires… there are various components that can hurt cyclists.

The group of Bike Computer, who are enthusiastic cyclists, know this too well.They nearly lost a companion who fell into a jettison. Nothing could enable them to find the oblivious cyclists.

Numerous hours go until they inevitably discovered him. Luckily, he had a mellow blackout, however above all the group wanted to take care of the security of cyclists.

This is the means by which Keep me Safe was conceived, and later become an extremely famous component for a huge number of clients to download the application.

Protect me sends SOS messages with the area to the crisis contacts. Guard me is amazing for cyclists who regularly ride alone, and need to ensure their family and companions realize that they are protected. Protect me can actually spare lives, as this video illustrates.