Data Brokers!!!

Data brokers legally buy, sell data but the practice risks undermining public confidence. If you’ve ever gotten unsolicited phone calls, spam emails, and SMSes from marketers and spammers, it probably emanated from one of these data brokers Going about your daily business—shopping online, buying a home, getting married, using a search engine, like a Facebook […]

Machine Learning in Finance

The value of machine learning in finance is becoming more apparent by the day. As banks and other financial institutions strive to beef up security, streamline processes, and improve financial analysis, ML is becoming the technology of choice. Machine Learning – Not Just Another Buzzword Unlike so many hyped technologies and overrated buzzwords, machine learning […]

Platforms such as Cloud computing technology may offer firms immediate revenue-generating possibilities

While global high net worth individual(HNWI) asset is at an all-time record and is up over 70% since 2008, this asset growth has coincided with decreased profitability for asset management firms. One of the biggest challenges for firms when addressing the revenue and profit dilemma is to effectively leverage digital technology and the latest in […]