Cloud-Streaming in Entertainment!!

Who needs CDs and DVDs anymore now that we can get unlimited access to all our entertainment needs through services like Spotify or Netflix?

There’s no need to have a hard copy or digitally downloaded copy of everything when you can stream anything you want down from the cloud for one small monthly subscription fee.

Cloud streaming sure does solve the problem of limited local storage, and it’s one of the fastest growing new trends in media consumption we’re seeing today.

Using a streaming music service with your iPhone gives you an almost never-ending supply of songs. Mobile music continues to see strong growth as more and more people discover the benefits of accessing cloud music on their portable devices.

Slacker Radio App

Unlike Apple Music, which requires you to pay a subscription to stream content to your iPhone, Slacker Radio gives you this facility for free, and it doesn’t expire.

The free app (which also works with the iPad and iPod Touch) allows you to stream an unlimited amount of music.  If you subscribe to Slacker Radio then you’ll be able to do a whole lot more. One of the best paid-for features is the caching mode.

Spotify App

You don’t have to pay a subscription to stream music. The app allows you to listen to Spotify Radio for free.

The free streaming level doesn’t expire and you can also create playlists. To stream to your iPhone you can either use your wireless network (Wi-Fi) or carrier.

Pandora Radio App

Using the free Pandora Radio app, you can use your Apple device to find and listen to millions of songs in radio style.

Music discovery is driven by Pandora Radio’s powerful Genome system which intelligently suggests relevant content. This personal internet radio service learns what kind of music you like via a user-friendly thumbs up/down interface so you get more accurate results over time. The free Pandora Radio app allows you to stream music via Wi-Fi or your phone carrier’s network. Even though there is a skip limit with this service, it’s still an excellent choice to use with your iPhone which won’t cost you anything. App

This last app may not be a streaming tool in the true sense of the word, but it is worth installing on your iPhone. If you’re already familiar with the music service and ‘scrobbling’, then you’ll know how good it is for music discovery, social networking, and keeping a log of all the music you listen to via various digital music resources.

Once you have downloaded the app to your iPhone you can get music recommendations based on your scrobbled profile data. This works particularly well with Spotify so you’ll always have an up-to-date list of suggestions.