Milestone, Growth and Community care – Coca-Cola

Drinks giant Coca-Cola has inaugurated a new production facility in Yunnan, which the company claims are its largest production facility south of the Yangtze River in China.

Swire Coca-Cola Beverages Yunnan decided to construct a much larger production plant to replace the earlier one. So they meet the requirements of the fast-growing market.

The plant was inaugurated by The Coca-Cola Company CEO and president James Quincey and John Swire & Sons CEO Merlin Swire.

Merlin Swire stated that the company has significantly increased investment in Coca-Cola bottling business in recent years and the new bottling plant is a good example of that.

“The increased capacity will help us satisfy millions of consumers and continue to drive sustainable growth throughout Yunnan,” said Merlin Swire.

Quincey said: “Coca-Cola has been part of the tremendous changes in China since the opening of the market in 1979. We started our business in China with a single brand, and we’ve gone on to build a portfolio of more than 20 brands in the market today.

A new production facility in Yunnan

“The new Yunnan plant marks a milestone in celebrating the upcoming 40th anniversary of Coca-Cola’s return to China. Together with our bottling partners, we offer a growing portfolio to Chinese consumers, in addition to playing an important role in the communities where we operate.”

The facility has been outfitted with solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of the main building. Power generated from them will be integrated into state grid at an estimated annual capacity of 5 million kWh.

The plant will use natural lighting, intelligent lighting systems, two-way heat-protective glass and highly reflective materials that cover 75% of the roof to reduce summer heat and to save energy.

Besides, the plant also includes a 600m3 rainwater collection facility for irrigation and street cleaning, which can help conserve water.

The water treatment system can handle 3,120m3 water each day to meet national discharge standards. Some of the treated water will be reused for irrigation and restrooms in the plant.


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