Personalization and AI in beauty industry

As indicated by Mr. Balooch: “half of the ladies whine that they can’t locate the correct shade of establishment for their face, and ladies with darker skin tones have been shouting out for an increasing decision.” In any case, putting a large number of shades on shop racks would be “unrealistic”, he says. Rather, L’Oreal […]

British Steel collapses after failing to secure extra funding

British Steel, the country’s second-largest steel producer, has folded and place twenty-five,000 jobs in danger once-failing to secure emergency government funding, Britain’s Official Receiver aforementioned on might twenty-two. The state supreme court ordered the obligatory liquidation of the corporate, though workers can stay used for currently because the liquidator oversees the operation of the most […]

Japanese automakers tout US-based jobs at an all-time high as Trump ramps up trade war

Japanese automakers, semiconductor diode by Toyota Motor President Akio Toyoda, had additional harsh words for U.S. President Donald Trump on Tues once he labeled international machine imports a threat to national security last week.“We are appalled to listen to a message suggesting that our long-time contributions of investment and employment within u. s. don’t seem […]

Testing IoT Devices

Over-the-Air (OTA) tests evaluate wireless devices’ reliability, performance, and safety. It’s required for CTIA certification. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing measures RF exposure on human dummies to ensure that mobile devices don’t cause damage. As more and more connected devices enter everyday life, ensuring the quality and safety of IoT products is becoming more important […]

What Does NASA, Google, Instagram, Netflix And Spotify Have In Common?

What Does NASA, Google, Instagram, And Spotify Have In Common? The global programming landscape is growing by leaps and bounds. People need websites, and if you know how to make them, you will never be out of work. Many of these programming languages pre-date the age of the Internet. Yet these programming languages are still […]

Artificial Intelligence: Use Cases Of How To Successfully Adopt AI

It’s amazing how quickly the conversations that I’m having with CIO colleagues and clients about artificial intelligence (AI) and/or machine learning (ML) have shifted in recent months. I’ve gone from hearing many say they’re taking a “wait-and-see” approach to many suddenly wanting to get a jumpstart on the promise of these technologies. There’s a lot of excitement about how […]

Why Windows 10 May Never Get Another Killer Feature

Sometime this spring, Windows 10 will get its next update, which has become a twice-a-year ritual. Several years ago, Microsoft decided Windows 10 would be the last big-bang update for the operating system, as the company moved the OS to a Windows-as-a-service model. Windows-as-a-Service There’s no longer any need to buy a new version of […]

8 Smart Gadgets That Can Take Your Home to the Next Level in 2019

Did you know that the global smart home market is booming? After all, it’s expected to reach about $53 billion by 2022. Among all the region, most experts agree that the North American market will spend the most on both products and services related to smart homes. This means there are more things you can […]

3 Reasons GameStop Failed to Attract Buyers

GameStop‘s stock recently sank to its lowest point in nearly 14 years after the company abandoned its plans to sell itself. Let’s examine the three main reasons GameStop couldn’t land a buyer, and how these issues could impact its future. 1. A dying business model GameStop is struggling to counter two relentless headwinds. First, digital downloads […]

3 Reasons Gamers Aren’t Buying NVIDIA’s Newest GPUs

NVIDIA‘s stock recently plummeted after the chipmaker slashed its fourth-quarter revenue guidance from about $2.7 billion to $2.2 billion. NVIDIA attributed the drop, which would represent a 24% annual decline, to soft demand for its data center and gaming GPUs, particularly in China. Simply put, NVIDIA told investors to brace for its worst quarter in years. […]

The Best Apps To Install On Your New Mac

Macs have long been the gold standard when it comes to computers that are polished, extremely well-designed, and “just work.” However, many have criticized it for not having as robust an app ecosystem as that on Windows 10. Things have changed since. There are now a ton of developers working on Mac apps, and, with the […]

4 Ecommerce Trends to Watch Carefully for in 2019

E-commerce enjoyed a record-breaking year in 2018, with global sales revenues estimated to have reached $2.8 trillion, according to Statista. This year, this figure is expected to rise to $3.5 trillion. To put this in perspective, if the e-commerce industry were a country, it would slot into the fifth spot, ahead of the United Kingdom, whose GDP as of April 2018 was […]