Vatican goes digital!!!

Pope Francis has again proved out to be digitally Pope Francis has his very own Click to Pray profile on the web, which demonstrates what he is petitioning God for. Clients would then be able to click a symbol to implore with him. The pope flagged his goal to bridle the intensity of innovation to […]

Ahead for greatest wall arts by ARTBOT.

Scribit spraypaint robot climbs your walls to draw (and erase) a monster artwork. The artistic robot is now almost ready to go on sale to the general public. Your desired image can be drawn on the wall now. Scribit, the wall-crawling spraypaint robot that can draw any image you need of onto a vertical surface […]

Art from Dirt

Art out of Toxic Sludge to Change Hearts, Minds, and Rivers. The Toxic Art project is the brainchild of a lovely chance collaboration between two professors from wildly differing departments at Ohio State University.   Guy Riefler (a civil engineer) and John Sabraw (an artist), independently came to have great concerns about the problem of […]

Mammoth genome could be recovered…

A ‘Time Capsule for Scientists, Courtesy of Peter the Great. A Russian zoological museum filled with centuries-old specimens finds renewed relevance in the age of genetics. This collection, first formed from acquisitions made by Peter the Great three centuries ago, is nonetheless taking on a new, more vital role. As the animal world becomes increasingly […]

Facebook’s New Scandel

After the Facebook Scandal Facebook Users are like… Facebook gave some of the world’s largest technology companies more intrusive access to users’ personal data than it has disclosed, effectively exempting those business partners. Facebook gave companies like Spotify, Netflix, and Microsoft access to users’ private data, sometimes without their knowledge as per a New York […]


Creative Services is a sector of the economy that provides advice and work products that require substantial creativity. This includes any services where the value of work varies significantly according to the talent of the individuals who create it. The following are common examples of creative services.   Management Consulting   Executive level consulting in areas […]


Customer-focused culture begins with people who want to do the right thing. The reason an organization can deliver good or bad customer service comes down to one thing; what is happening on the inside of that organization. To sum it up in one word: culture. The culture inside of the organization is impacting your customer […]