First AI Medical Monitoring Wearable

First AI Medical Monitoring Wearable

Current Health’s artificial intelligence (AI) wearable device that measures multiple vital signs has recently received FDA-clearance for patients to use at home.

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The ai-enabled device in monitoring patients while in the hospital, but this recent approval means it can now be used between doctor visits at home too.

The wireless device, Current, measures a patient’s pulse, respiration, oxygen saturation, temperature, and mobility. Current provides physicians with real-time updates regarding their patient’s health, allowing them to handle complications promptly. The technology utilizes machine learning to analyze the data it collects to detect problematic changes in data.

current healthExpenses tethered to care of these patients is particularly high as well, therefore health officials are working to reduce costs in managing these conditions. Excess readmissions of heart failure patients result in hospitals being charged penalty fees, which is making providers shift focus to remote monitoring tools.

Technologies like Current allow healthcare providers to monitor their patients closely while they are at home without the need for extraneous office visits, effectively reducing costs. These technologies are also convenient for their ability to automatically integrate data into electronic health records.

Patients who are using the wearable device also have access to a tablet that has educational content, medication reminders, and a chatbot.

The goal is to promptly alert a physician so they can intervene as early as possible. While the patient is being monitored remotely, the provider is still in communication with them through text messages and video visits on a secure server.