Game of Thrones in Virtual Reality?

Game of Thrones in Virtual Reality? HBO and Discovery Join the VR Party

Cable network giants are betting big on next-gen AR and VR content.

Home Box Office, Inc. (HBO) and Discovery Communications just bought into next-gen media with OTOY, a cloud graphics company that specializes in 3D environment rendering. OTOY, Inc. said that the investment from HBO and Discovery will go towards producing “original holographic content” for both cable networks.

So, what exactly does OTOY do?

OTOY develops technology that makes it possible to create real-time, lifelike 3D environments. This is different from pre-rendered content viewed on VR headsets

 It’s a limitless mind-blowing creative platform,” says Stewart.

OTOY is also creating AR and VR content for DiscoveryVR, which is already available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


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