Glasgow ladies just taxi app in board reprimand for being ‘sexist against men’

Glasgow ladies just taxi app in board reprimand for being ‘sexist against men’

A ladies just taxi application intended to make female travelers feel safe has been frustrated by authorizing boss for barring men.

Glasgow City Council tossed out Margo Welsh’s proposition to begin Rosy and Pink Cars, offering female drivers to female travelers and their kids.

It was a thought she concocted in the wake of seeing “the measure of sex assaults these days”.

In any case, councilors rejected her arrangement as “sexism” against men.

Presently, the panel has been marked “unseemly” by her legal counsel.

“There’s unquestionably a requirement for this,” said Ms. Welsh. “Heaps of taxi organizations are dominatingly male. It’s another choice for ladies.”

She included: “I addressed my family who said would you like to drive men around during the evening? I needed to take grannies to bingo and children to class, instead of a stag do.”

Be that as it may, permitting convener Alex Wilson stated: “In the event that it was the other path round we would take a gander at victimization females.

“The entire not grabbing male travelers is a worry to me. I don’t figure we should separate by any means.”

Councilor Robert Connelly included: “It is basically sexism towards guys. It doesn’t agree with me.”

Ms. Welsh, who has pledged she won’t abandon her arrangement, was denied the chance to utilize her apartment level in the north of the city as a booking office.

She stated: “I was a small piece scared, I felt they were giggling, that my thought was over the top. To state men are being oppressed, I simply don’t feel that.

“I’ve addressed beauticians, ladies in grocery stores, even firefighters. One said if his girl is heading off to a dance club he’d preferably it was a female driver.”

Councilors scrutinized Ms. Welsh for verifying a private contract vehicle permit herself, just not to utilize it or hand it back as required.