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Intel XDK is a cross-platform mobile application development environment which lets you create mobile and tablet apps using HTML5 and JavaScript.

With a single code base, You can create mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 Store, Tizen, Amazon, and Nook.

Intel XDK aims to make the same source code compatible on all the mobile operating systems. It attempts to keep the process simple by including all Hire Intel XDK developer possible target platforms in one package and collecting several tools that may be familiar and useful to you.


  • Cross-platform: This is the main feature why developers have originally turned into web technologies looking to fulfill the promise of coding once and deploy everywhere. As some of the other advantages of the web, cross-platform is in its nature, as it is meant to run on any device (hardware) and operating system (software). The web can be accessed from a PC, Mac, laptop, desktop, mobile device, smart watch, car and even home appliance. We know one thing for sure about any futuristic new device: it will be able to access the web.
  • Content on demand: Many developers do not identify this feature as a benefit because they take it for granted as, once again, is in the nature of the web. Applications can easily vary and adapt with none or little effort from the developer perspective and new paradigms and use cases can be easily accomplished, like promoting the use of an app or a new feature while communicating with others.
  • Full technology stack: This is a feature that goes hand in hand with cross-platform as its goal is to ease the process of building a product for developers. Web technologies can be used a full stack, from client to server, thanks to platforms like Node.js.
  • Based on open standards: This is more important than meets the eye. There have been various technologies in the past that made the cross-platform promise but did not completely deliver. Amongst other reasons, they failed because of being closed and tied to a specific company. Open standards allow both vendors and developers to contribute and improve the final product. This is one of the key success factors of the web.


  • Live Development improvement: We changed the functionality for”live development” in the Develop tab for better simultaneous editing and previewing within browsers or on-device. “Run My App” (formerly”Live On-device Preview”) now lets you test your app on the emulator in a separate window, or on your Android* device over USB. This option lets you test the complete app, including native device functionality. “Live Layout” (formerly Live Preview) now lets you test the UI of your app over Wi-Fi on both Android and iOS devices, or on Chrome* or Firefox* browsers within the XDK. Both of these options will offer near real-time viewing/testing of your app as edits are made.
  • App Security API: A first release of new APIs to aid in security for on-device app data and storage. It offers Security Services for HTML5 developers via a JavaScript API and middleware (in the form of a Cordova plugin). It delivers on-device Secure Data (for data-in-use) and Secure Storage (for data-at-rest).
  • Updated UI for Services: Rather than keeping the services integration in a separate tab, we pulled the services into the side panel in the Develop tab so it is available while editing or using App Designer.
  • Deprecated App Games Interfaces (AGI): We are announcing that AGI is deprecated. In other words, we will not be doing any further development of it. With the improved support and performance of WebGL* on all platforms and browsers, we will stick to supporting and helping this standard instead.



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