What is React Native?

Hire React Native development, React Native is an open source framework that helps to built mobile apps. React Native runs the JavaScript code for a React app in a background thread.

React Native Features

Hire React Native development features an interesting Live Reload feature that you will not find in the native frameworks: The ‘live reload’ feature, enables one to immediately see the result of the latest change that you have made to the code. Also, it’s one of the top mobile JavaScript frameworks among developer and which makes it most predominantly present and offers third-party plugin compatibility, less memory usage.

Since it has a presence on the most used mobile OS system iOS and Android covered; The future of it is more secure as this will take place of native application development for a very long time.

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Advantages of React Native:

  • Speed and Performance: Fast Performance for mobile environments – Since it utilizes GPU while the native platforms are built CPU intense.
  • Architecture: Modular and intuitive architecture Helps Developers to make changes and develop on projects that developed any other Developer
  • Code Re-usage:  The same code can be used to build iOS and Android application with very little changes which improves application build time and saves numerous hours of coding apart from practical modifications that are required.

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