What is Wix?

Wix.com is a  web development platform where users can create their own free HTML5 web or mobile sites through using simple online drag and drop tools.

Specialties: Mobile Development, Cross-platform development, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Mobile apps, mobile, Desktop Apps, Windows Apps, and Mac Desktop Apps

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Advantages of Wix:

  • Even the common public who even have no basic knowledge about the front end development (HTML5, CSS3, JS….) can create their websites using Wix.
  • It’s Easy and Free with Wix to create a web/ mobile sites.
  • Like speed & security, Wix websites have an advantage of being an all-in-one solution.
  • When things go wrong we could get in touch with customer support easily.

Features of Wix

  • Go to Wix.com and answer a series of simple questions and create your site—right from your mobile.
  • Wix gives you tools and information to help your website meet the new GDPR requirements.
  • When you add a new page to your site, the page’s design will be identical to the previous page you were on.
  • Send custom, automated emails to your subscribers and site members with Wix Code!
  • Get advanced capabilities with all the stunning design features of the Wix Editor.
  • Wix Answers powers our help center, call center and entire ticketing system—supporting over 120 million Wix users like you in 8 languages.
  • Our new Wix Arena is here! We have 100s of Wix Experts eager to meet their future clients and design their websites.
  • Wix Stores – Customize the checkout experience for your customers.
  • Get email notifications of all your chats and keep track of your communication with visitors.

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