Make a Hotel Booking App that Caters To All Customer Needs

As a lodging booking application advancement organization, what would it be advisable for you to do to build up a one of a kind booking application? Did you realize that there is a sum of 28.9 million Indian clients of inn booking applications? This has earned an income of 8,051 million USD starting in 2019. […]

By what method Can AR and VR Transform The Restaurant Business?

There’s an entire pile of chances in front of the F&B area in embracing AR and VR. Enlarged Reality and Virtual Reality have taken over pretty much every industry from huge worldwide enterprises like IKEA and Walmart to new companies like Avametric and VirtualSpaces. Organizations are using AR and VR for worker preparing, conveying rich […]

Other applications of Augmented Reality in tourism

A different utilization of Augmented Reality in the travel industry Showcasing The majority of vacationer organizations have huge amounts of paper pamphlets and travel lists. Conceivable outcomes of AR with print media are essentially interminable, as we’ve just been stating. Getting energized representation would intrigue your clients much better. With AR promoting you can give […]

AR in Tourism (Accommodation,Advertising & information)

Accommodation The hospitality sector has been one of the first to implemented AR. You may wonder about which way hotels can use augmented reality and be surprised by the range of options. Advertising & information Using AR to create all-around room tours with accommodation details, prices, etc. It is a good way to advertise your […]

OYO launches an app for robot users globally

SoftBank-backed OYO Hotels & Homes on Th aforementioned it’s launched OYO fat-free app, that occupies less house on phone and consumes lesser information for robot users globally. The new app has been designed to figure in low-connectivity areas or low networks to reinforce user expertise, a press release aforementioned. With a size of but 800 […]

Before long, Grab App Will Help You Book Your Hotels and Watch Video Streams

Is Grab completely expectation on turning into an inside and out “super application” in Southeast Asia? Indeed, it does, and what better approach to make those “infant ventures” than to include as many administrations in its application as possible– like lodging appointments and video spilling highlights for its clients? Beginning May 9, clients are given […]

IoT in Hospitality Industry

Many within the hospitality industry have already incorporated the Internet of Things into their businesses. It is because the technology offers a number of crucial benefits that are especially relevant to hotels. These benefits range from allowing companies to save on energy costs, through to delivering a better customer experience. IoT technology allows hotel helps deliver a more personalized […]

Artificial Intelligence with SaaS Platform Disrupt The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality business is like a big machine, and all direct and indirect people who are part of this are the machine’s cogs. There are many parts which have to work in tandem to deliver the best product (an amazing flying experience for an Airline) or an out of the world service (such as offering […]

Waiter Robots Operated Remotely By People With Disabilities

A pop-up restaurant in Tokyo has run a trial employing disabled people to work as the waiting staff. But this is no ordinary trial. Instead of taking orders or clearing tables themselves, the staff of the Dawn ver.β cafe pilot a team of robots from the comfort of their homes.   OriHime-D OriHime-D is a […]

AI, AR, and VR In The Food Industry

The ways Artificial Intelligence and Augmented, Virtual Reality impact the food and beverage industry is huge. From inside the kitchen/ store to the food production chain, the three technologies are at the center of the industry. Today diners are analyzing their calorie count that has come attached with their order using Augmented Reality. On the other […]

Chatbots In Restaurants Are Redefining Customer Experience

An internet bot or bot is a software application that can do automated tasks over the internet. And a chatbot or chatterbot is a bot that can converse with humans. According to a Gartner report, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprises without interacting with a human by 2020. Another report from Gartner […]

Do you want to produce Food with the use of best of Technology? Then have a quick run through here.

If you like natural science and agriculture and want to improve the foods we consume every day, look for food technology programs near you, today! If you have the natural gift of curiosity and are interested in the way food is grown, processed, and distributed, working in food science may be the perfect path for […]