Worldwide Nanotechnology Market 2019 Nanosys, Inc., Nanophase Technologies Corporation, Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.

  The “Global Nanotechnology Market 2018 Research Report” is a broad Nanotechnology Market research report contains a presentation on new patterns that can control the organizations performing in the Nanotechnology business to comprehend the market and make the methodologies for their business development in like manner. The Nanotechnology research report considers the market measure, Nanotechnology […]

Manufactures Product Design in AR

Item Design Expanded reality can be utilized in structuring autos or planes, or whatever other items, which has troublesome development. Furthermore, under “plan” signifies not just the stylish side. What is progressively significant, AR models help to assess the usefulness of the structure and can be utilized to streamline it. The principal stars of AR […]

8 Reasons to embrace IIoT

IIoT refers to an industrial connectivity system connecting all elements of the sector to create a totally new paradigm. Now is a better time than ever to leverage IIoT solutions. Here are 8 reasons to embrace IIoT. It’s a good time for the Internet of Things (IoT). When the bells are ringing in the consumer sector, […]

Innovative IoT ideas for everyday life

Being so deeply integrated into our day-to-day lives, the IoT opens up unlimited opportunities for companies across a number of industries, including retail, healthcare, transportation & logistics, and manufacturing. Here are some Innovative IoT ideas for everyday life opens up unlimited opportunities for companies across a number of industries, including retail, healthcare, transportation & logistics, […]

Top 10 Recent Advancements in Robotics

The robot revolution may not be here quite yet, but our mechanical cousins have made some serious strides. And now some of the leading experts in the field have provided a rundown of what they see as the 10 most exciting recent developments. Compiled by the editors of the journal Science Robotics, the list includes some of the […]

The Future with Internet of Things (IoT)

For several years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a key trend involving the transfer of data to and from cloud-connected sensors and the software that enables companies to perform analytics on that data. Gartner Research projects the number of connected things will reach 14.2 billion in 2019 and 25 billion by 2021. In […]

Blockchain Apps: Blockchain As An Application Platform

Blockchain will soon be one of the most popular technologies. The reason is simple. It has the ability to integrate highly complex and encrypted data into a secure mesh to offer a safe online transaction. Thriving BFSI sector can make the most from this disruptive technology and offer more reliability and security to their customers. […]

10 Uses of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) holds a huge potential to transform how people and businesses interact with each other as well as the surroundings. Previously VR was generally associated only with the gaming industry. Now it’s on fire with new opportunities for use. Although this innovative technology has been traditionally associated with the gaming industry, it is […]

Industrial IoT Industry Predictions for 2019

IoT is growing at an exponential rate. Vehicles, wearable gadgets, RFID sensors and software are advancing past basic function and the network is growing to include even more advancements each day. To observe what will happen in the coming year, we have followed some of the top names in the IT industry and their IoT […]

5 Ways AI Will Change The Way You Think About Everything

When the English inventor Thomas Newcomen created the world’s first practical steam engine in 1712, he didn’t ignite the Industrial Revolution—that would come much later. What Newcomen made was an unwieldy device for pumping water out of mines. It would take another 70 years for James Watt to invent a more efficient design—one that could […]

Going Beyond The Internet Of Things Sales Hype

Every Internet of Things (IoT) salesman is hyping their products. Businesses have to be clear about their goals before they decide what to install and how. But if they get it right, it can be transformative. Supply chain ‘Ninja’ Patrick Strauss always asks the same question when he comes into a business as an Internet […]

5 Startup Trends That Shaped The Midwest in 2018

2019 is upon us and the Midwest’s venture capital activity is still buzzing. Last year, celebrity shoutout marketplace startup Cameo announced that it closed a $12.5 million round of funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Cameo’s round is one of several marketplace startups to gain strength this year, which highlights a broader trend that the Midwest […]