What is TensorFlow And How Is It Used For Machine Learning

Python is traditionally very popular among developers for web development, scripting, process automation, and general applications. Yet, in recent times, Python programming language has become the go-to language for Machine Learning. Python language has several libraries for Machine learning and Deep learning development. Many of which have become very popular. What is TensorFlow? Why is TensorFlow the […]

Artificial Intelligence: Use Cases Of How To Successfully Adopt AI

It’s amazing how quickly the conversations that I’m having with CIO colleagues and clients about artificial intelligence (AI) and/or machine learning (ML) have shifted in recent months. I’ve gone from hearing many say they’re taking a “wait-and-see” approach to many suddenly wanting to get a jumpstart on the promise of these technologies. There’s a lot of excitement about how […]

5 Technologies Bringing Healthcare Systems Into The Future

If you think you’ve got a bad case of the travel bug, get this: Dr. John Halamka travels 400,000 miles a year. That’s equivalent to fully circling the globe 16 times. Halamka is chief information officer at Harvard’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a professor at Harvard Medical School, and a practicing emergency physician. In a talk […]

Must Have Features In an Auto Insurance App

Driving cars is a tough task. 93 percent of road accidents happen due to human errors. Thousands of minor car strikes take place every day all over the globe. While purchasing a new car, users are notified about insurance plans. Insurance of cars is essential as it recovers cost associated with damage repair. Since cars […]

Blockchain Apps: Blockchain As An Application Platform

Blockchain will soon be one of the most popular technologies. The reason is simple. It has the ability to integrate highly complex and encrypted data into a secure mesh to offer a safe online transaction. Thriving BFSI sector can make the most from this disruptive technology and offer more reliability and security to their customers. […]

5 Startup Trends That Shaped The Midwest in 2018

2019 is upon us and the Midwest’s venture capital activity is still buzzing. Last year, celebrity shoutout marketplace startup Cameo announced that it closed a $12.5 million round of funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners. Cameo’s round is one of several marketplace startups to gain strength this year, which highlights a broader trend that the Midwest […]

How IoT & Blockchain Impact Automobile The After-Sales Industry

Cars of 21st century represent not only a mode of transportation, but they also present innovations and technology on wheels. We are living in an era of technology and solutions all around us. V12data reports that the global automotive aftermarket industry is expected to reach $722.8 billion by 2020. We, therefore, have to look upon […]

6 Ways Machine Learning is Changing Insurance

The insurance industry has always relied on data to calculate risk and come up with personalized ratings. Today, the sector is undergoing a profound digital transformation thanks to technologies such as machine learning. Insurers are using machine learning to increase their operational efficiency, boost customer service, and even detect fraud. Here are 6 ways machine […]


Customer-focused culture begins with people who want to do the right thing. The reason an organization can deliver good or bad customer service comes down to one thing; what is happening on the inside of that organization. To sum it up in one word: culture. The culture inside of the organization is impacting your customer […]