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The smart home a few years back was the exclusive domain of the affluent and required a high amount of technical expertise to be put into place. With miniaturization the buzz word of any technological evolution home automation has come a long way; today most of the devices are affordable and can be installed by just reading an instruction manual. Mobile computing, wireless connectivity and artificial intelligence have redefined “Smart Homes”

A sneak-peek into the modern day smart home…


In this age of wireless charging and remote connectivity, homes are being lit up in style. From mood defining lighting systems which integrate music, acoustics, colour, fragrance, shading, the art of concealment and every possible design principle and the entire setting aligned to a touch on your mobile phone the possibilities are limitless.

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Imagine the lights talking to the music system, the power systems, the security and a host of other devices. These devices are built to understand the preferences of the home owner and redesign the experience to suit her moods, this technological evolution is really incredible.

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Imagine the refrigerator talking to the local grocer or placing an order with an online store and ordering for milk, bread or other stuff to be stocked up sounds bizarre doesn’t it …but that’s what IOT is doing to our homes.

Interconnected devices, self examining technology, self correcting mechanisms, updated security, decision making intelligence and more is IOT at work.

Advantages include peace of mind, power saving capacity, time saving mechanisms, effort saving devices, economical alternatives and a horde of other benefits.

[mk_image heading_title=” AMAZON ECHO – The Echo aligns with your Amazon account, to order food, and anything from your Amazon store and work together with the other smart home devices.” src=”” image_height=”794″]
[mk_image heading_title=”PHILIPS HUE – These smart light bulbs are like a hub for your lights, compatible with a range of different standards and home control systems. ” src=”” image_height=”720″]
[mk_image heading_title=”AUGUST SMART LOCK – This smart lock can attach to your existing locking system and connect to your other smart home devices.” src=”×194.jpg” image_width=”300″ image_height=”194″]
[mk_image heading_title=”NEST PROTECT – Warning and response in the event of a fire.” src=”” image_width=”400″ image_height=”300″]
[mk_image heading_title=”WORX LANDROID ROBOTIC LAWN MOWER – The robot lawn mower does what it is supposed to do that is cuts grass efficiently to your preference and once the battery is exhausted, the mower recharges itself by connecting to the base all on its own.” src=”” image_width=”542″ image_height=”222″]
[mk_image heading_title=”SAMSUNG FAMILY HUB 2.0 REFRIGERATOR – With a large touch running the apps, you can create shopping lists to fill up the space, program the time, write notes and a host of other things.” src=”” image_width=”600″ image_height=”320″]
[mk_image heading_title=”ECOVAC DEEBOT – Vacuum cleaning has never been so effective and automatic, with the device’s sensors helping it navigate around furniture and other obstacles and recharging itself once exhausted. ” src=”” image_width=”300″ image_height=”320″ align=”center”]
[mk_image heading_title=”MR. COFFEE OPTIMAL BREW SMART COFFEEMAKER – Coffee in the morning or when you have guests all done at a command or pre-fed schedule.” src=”” image_width=”480″ image_height=”621″]
[mk_image heading_title=”MYSMARTBLINDS – Open or close your blinds using your mobile phone, isn’t it a chinch???” src=”” image_width=”500″ image_height=”459″]


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