Internet of Things & Retail…take your pick…

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The IoT with billions of its connected devices is creating waves in every industry it is touching. Advanced and improved sensors sending in billions of bytes of data, highly developed connectivity bridging devices and control platforms in real time is leading to progressive operations and services and highly immersive and simulative experiences for customers.

The Internet of Things is connecting our physical world with the digital world in ways we cannot even comprehend. We have seamlessly transitioned from hard currency to digital payments and even integrated encrypted currencies in our transactions. We have even changed our buying habits from brick and mortar establishments to e-commerce or online stores. Our social interactions have moved online as well and we prefer to chat online than meet up and talk and this is just the beginning…IoT and next gen technology is massively impacting the way we conduct our lives…

The IoT has ushered in an era of personalization in the retail industry, the usual culprit’s – information, data and analytics are doing their bit to enhance each shopping experience. From movement based analytics to gesture recognition to behaviour adaptation the possibilities offered the IoT is mind boggling.

The Internet of Things and its Eco-system has hugely impacted the retail business leading to previously unheard features like interactive displays, virtual closets, smart mirrors, smart dummy’s, dynamic pricing, smart shelves and self-checkouts and a plethora of customer-centered improvements.

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E- Commerce and the IoT are redefining Logistics and supply chains, we are aware of real time tracking of our deliveries, on time response systems, feedback oriented customer engagement, and a range of applications.

We are already talking about underwater warehousing and drone deliveries. What lies ahead is anyone’s guess but with the IoT around life will surely get a lot better….

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