IoT and Smart Farming…The new Agri-culture…

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Growing population, economic uncertainties, inequality in food distribution, strife and unrest have contributed to a sizeable portion of the worlds people becoming “Malnourished”. “Feeding the world” is indeed as daunting as it sounds, but technology and interestingly the internet of things – IOT is creating exciting possibilities in farming practices by leveraging data and analytics to increase yields, reduce operational costs and optimize resources.

Efficiency in agricultural practices have been enhanced by the use of technology, the enablers range from soil and atmospheric sensing techniques to livestock monitoring, accurate weather predictions and GPS-based tracking solutions to name a few.

The worldwide demand for food, unpredictable climate changes, water shortages, the foils of excessive chemical usage, pesticides and the likes have made agriculture practices extremely challenging. To counter these challenges progressive farmers are is employing Robotics, GPS Technology, advanced material handling and techniques like Imaging to take on the demands.

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IoT devices are helping farmers update themselves on weather predictions, monitor soil conditions; track the activities of livestock manage inventories, optimize resources on hand, economize practices, set up efficient storage systems and more. IoT is bringing fascinating advances into the agricultural space, by creating systems that ensure consistent availability of food produce, reducing wastage, and optimizing time thus making farming more and more sustainable.

• Orchard Management systems like SEMIOS
• Artificial Intelligence based agricultural systems like HARVEST AI
• Forestry Management systems like DRONESEED
• Dairy and Livestock Management systems like FARMERON, ANEMON, ECOW among others

To increase crop performance and management of resources, farmers are utilizing smart agriculture technology to track progress, predict outcomes and drive decision-making. IoT will become the prime driver in ensuring optimum food production, efficient storage, effective distribution and overall a healthy world…

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