Personal Safety Just A Tap Away

Danger comes knocking when least expect it. Prevention is better than cure. Your safety is in your own hands. How many times have you heard these adages and yet if you were to come across any real danger, could be rape, robbery, kidnapping or a car accident, how prepared are you?

That’s what today’s app review of ADT Go aims to change, bringing all possible tools of ADT Security to your smartphone, so you’re always a step ahead of all dangers.

Developed by ADT, a home security solutions company, in partnership with Life360, this personal safety app has already scored over 100,000 downloads with mentions in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Mashable, Security InfoWatch, Cnet and CePro.

The personal security app for Android and iOS devices boast an array of safety features that ensure your safety in unwarranted situations like a car crash and warns you of crime-prone areas.

1. SOS Emergency Response: The individual security application offers every minute of every day help in any crisis. Just hold the SOS catch and ADT is informed. ADT group will get in touch with you to guarantee you’re protected and ready crisis contacts if not.

2. Crash Detection: A Premium element in the individual security application that offers moment SOS reaction in case of a roadside mishap. Should an accident be identified, ADT can send a crisis alarm to get you help from specialists on call.

3. Teenager Driving Activity Tracker: The well being following application guarantees the security of new and youthful drivers by giving multi-point safe driving reports including telephone utilization, trip maps that show what spots they’re visiting, fast increasing speed, the speed they’re driving at and hard braking.

4. Area Sharing: This helpful element of the individual well being application offers constant GPS area information so you can monitor your loved one, family and companions, notwithstanding when you’re in a hurry.

5. Family Locator: The in-application Family Location Tracker fueled by GPS area information gives you a chance to follow your relatives progressively on a private guide. What’s more, the family following application likewise offers programmed warnings that inform you with intricate details of relatives from work, school or home, and notwithstanding when they complete a drive.

6. Wrongdoing Map: With this component of the individual well being application, you get point by point data on risky zones and the violations submitted there. The application couples it with a Crime tracker that recognizes visit wrongdoing reports and activities.

7. Wrongdoing Finder: What violations are submitted in the territory you’re in? This individual security help application responds to that question with wrongdoing reports from the committed territory.