Medicinal services Assistive Robot Market Trends and Opportunities by 2025

Robots will, in general, make work simpler and give exact outcomes, in this way making work progressively effective and to the time it is required to be finished. Due to its blunder free trademark, numerous looks into have been led over the globe to take the innovation further and utilize in different parts. In the […]

Blockchain Apps: Blockchain As An Application Platform

Blockchain will soon be one of the most popular technologies. The reason is simple. It has the ability to integrate highly complex and encrypted data into a secure mesh to offer a safe online transaction. Thriving BFSI sector can make the most from this disruptive technology and offer more reliability and security to their customers. […]

You cannot cheat your Smart phone now.

A smartphone could now tell if we are depressed so you cannot pretend to be happy but depressed. Smartphones that are used to track our faces and voices could also help lower the barrier to mental-health diagnosis and treatment. Depression is a huge problem for millions of people, and it is often compounded by poor […]