Nanotechnology in Manufacturing

Different makers are utilizing nanotechnology to make items with improved capacities or to decrease their assembling cost. This page gives instances of how nanotechnology is helping producers today.

A system called laser stun engraving that frames nanoscale metallic shapes, for example, gears have been exhibited by scientists at Purdue University.

Analysts at Northwestern University have built up a work area nanofabrication apparatus. The work area apparatus utilizes pillar pen lithography exhibits to make nanoscale structures.

Analysts at the University of Pennsylvania have built up a procedure to make AFM tips from the precious stone. The nanoscale precious stone tips last any longer than AFM tips made of silicon and the specialists imagine these tips being utilized to engraving or store material in nano-fabricating forms.

MesoCoat has built up a nanocomposite covering called CermaClad™ that can be connected to funnels utilized in the oil business channels to give protection from erosion. The procedure for applying the nanocomposite is quicker and should be possible at a lower temperature than is conceivable utilizing ordinary techniques. The outcome is the creation of lower-cost channels with proportional consumption opposition.