Google promises to ‘boost’ reused material in possess items

By 2020, all shipments to and from clients will be carbon impartial. Google has been making shopper equipment under its “Made by Google” brand – like its Pixel phones and Google Home Minis – for a long time and fiddled with other equipment for a couple of years before that. Presently, it’s prepared to make […]

Top 10 Recent Advancements in Robotics

The robot revolution may not be here quite yet, but our mechanical cousins have made some serious strides. And now some of the leading experts in the field have provided a rundown of what they see as the 10 most exciting recent developments. Compiled by the editors of the journal Science Robotics, the list includes some of the […]

Combining Robots With The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is a popular vision of objects with internet connections sending information back and forth to make our lives easier and more comfortable. It’s emerging in our homes, through everything from voice-controlled speakers to smart temperature sensors. To improve our fitness, smart watches and Fitbits are telling online apps how much we’re moving around. And across entire cities, interconnected […]

Much of the carbon dioxide can be continuously recycled; the rest can be captured cheaply.

The world is probably stuck with natural gas as one of our primary sources of electricity for the foreseeable future. Cheap and readily available, it now accounts for more than 30 percent of US electricity and 22 percent of world electricity. And although it’s cleaner than coal, it’s still a massive source of carbon emissions. […]

Robotics – The Future Of Oil And Gas

As the oil and gas industry search for ways to improve efficiency, automating business processes with robotics has been an overwhelmingly popular choice. This increased reliance on robots will propel the global robotics market to $147.26 billion USD. North American firms will share a large percentage. The report predicts a 17.4% revenue increase in the […]