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In today's fast-paced, instant gratification world, work-life balance has become an obsolete term. The new generation that wants the best of both worlds is looking for work-life integration - the ability to fulfill personal needs as well as be super productive at work- by being available anytime, anyplace.

Using consumer-facing mobile applications for activities like scheduling appointments, booking services, paying bills, order tracking and loyalty rewards management have now become a common practice for a majority of the workforce. Thanks to this spurt of consumer apps, users have become comfortable and familiar with mobile interfaces, and are now looking forward to a similar experience with enterprise applications.

The benefits of mobile applications at the enterprise are several. What's even more incredible is that business processes are getting simplified as a result of making operational transactions mobile friendly. Forward-looking enterprises are now aiming to mobile enables as many user interactions as possible - across all touch-points of the consumer, employee, and system interface cycle.

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