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These questions have been the foundation of all our philosophical quests into our existence. Whether there is a world beyond the perception of our senses, and what it would be like is beyond the domain of technology. Our questions however centre around; can we change/ manipulate our reality??? And where are we heading with the technology which is driving the creation and re-creation of our reality???

We are our senses; we perceive the world as we know it through our Visual – Sight, Auditory – Hearing, Tactile – Touch, Gustatory – Taste and Olfactory – Smell. The brain then processes the inputs from our sense organs and behold!!! Our world, our life… our reality is formed. Our ‘Reality” is defined by our experience and our response is determined by our ‘Perception’. Hence it will be safe to say that our perception of our world determines our ‘Reality’ and any perception can be influenced/ manipulated and subsequently changed. Virtual reality attempts to do just this…

In technical terms virtual reality is the terminology used to illustrate a computer generated a three-dimensional simulated ecosystem, engaged by anyone who becomes a part of this virtual world and then is able to manipulate objects or be manipulated by them, perform actions or respond to actions performed on them.

Our sense organs and cognitive processes are equipped to provide us with highly sensitised experience and we can realise and respond immediately to anything even a little off the course. Virtual reality not only has to account for the psychological inferences but has to account for the physical limitations of the human body. It has to make sure that the experience is highly synchronised between the sense organs to avoid imbalances in the response systems.

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• Defence

• Education

• Healthcare

• Media & Entertainment

• Design

• Business

• Engineering

• Sport

• Architecture

The list keeps growing and the possibilities seem endless….

Virtual reality will spearhead exciting discoveries which will impact our lives immensely. Simulative experiences will be the order of the day, from leisure to defence applications, from getting rid of phobias to creating healthy habits, virtual reality will have applications which will change the way we live our lives.

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