How Salesforce's Quip Is Helping Streamline Workforce.

How Salesforce’s Quip Is Helping Streamline Workforce

In the realm of business-to-customer relationships, the ongoing digital revolution has created a special sort of snowball effect. As consumers’ use of the web evolves, so too have their expectations for companies.

As a result, businesses have had to establish websites, grow social media presences, utilize customer management platforms. For example, Salesforce. They help them find other ways to digitally evolve in order to deliver customer success.

And if they don’t? Well, they’ll go the way of a snowball in summer.

Project Management Platforms

Of course, a business can’t achieve true customer success without building a foundation of employee success. In recent years, doing so has required a cultural shift in the way teams work together. This shift came into existence, in order to streamline team collaboration and communication.

There are plenty of project management platforms out there that promise to do just that using a combination of emails, meetings, static documents, and file repositories. That sort of approach sounds great in theory. But here’s a little secret: It usually ends up doing more harm than good by forcing ideas, information, and teams into frustrating, stagnant silos. Not exactly the sort of thing you want in a workflow or workplace culture.


Quip – A Modern Productivity Solution

But then there’s Quip, mobile-first, modern productivity solution from Salesforce. Instead of diminishing employees’ potential, the Quip Productivity Platform helps companies instill a culture of action — meaning an environment that is collaborative, communicative, and connected. As a result, things get done with fewer meetings, less email, and more opportunities for growth in order to meet the growing demands of customers.

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“So how is Quip any different from other project management platform?” you might be wondering. Quip sets itself apart from its competition right off the bat as the only platform of its kind that’s natively integrated with Salesforce, the No. 1 customer relationship management system on the market.

Streamlining Workforce

Given its popularity, there’s a decent chance you’re already using Salesforce to manage your customer relationships. So why bother with a separate collaboration tool when you could use one that’s specifically designed for the setup you already love?

You’ll quickly find that your team will be having conversations and completing projects in the context of the associated accounts, instead of in an unstructured, ad hoc manner which often leads to confusion and more work.

Document Sharing

As far as front-end formatting goes, Quip revolves around a living document that serves as a hub for all of your projects and tasks. Real-time chat is available within every document so you don’t have to risk burying information within lengthy emails or chat threads. Simply @mention a team member within a spreadsheet, slide, task, or pinnable content to set due dates, assign tasks, or flag them for reviews, edits, and feedback.

Collaborative Presentations

You’ve also got an option to build collaborative presentations within Quip, which eliminates the need for unproductive in-person stand-ups and helps you make informed teamwide decisions faster. Thanks to Salesforce integration, you can see use the platform’s Einstein Analytics tool to see your presentation’s real impact. From teammates and execs to customers alike.


Then there’s the accessibility factor. With Quip, you don’t have to be online in order to interact with your team. So long as you’ve got its native app on your device, you will be able to do everything. For example, access documents, spreadsheets, slides, and chat anytime and anywhere. It is an ideal setup for remote teams or those whose members travel frequently.

Quip is also uniquely designed for the mobile era. No more pinching, zooming, or struggling to access information from your phone as you hurry off to a client meeting. Every feature that’s available on the desktop and browser version is available on the iOS and Android apps. With Quip, commenting on the latest sales forecast is as easy as responding to a post on your favorite social platform.

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