Blockchain Protects User Data How?

How Blockchain Technology Protects User Data While blockchain technology is most generally characterized as a decentralized, dispersed record used to record exchanges over different PCs, it can likewise be viewed as an appropriated database that keeps up a developing rundown (otherwise called a chain) of information exchange records. Blockchain technology to figure a cryptographic hash, […]

Application that can recognize gunshots, mass shootings, and a harmed officer taking off in Detroit

DETROIT (WXYZ) — The producers of Omni Response state their new mobile phone application can fill in like a shot spotter, recognizing discharges and making programmed GPS area reports to police. They state it additionally can distinguish when the telephone bearer has a genuine medical problem and falls. What’s more, after specialists on call are […]

IoT for Smart Home

IoT or Internet of Things refers to the devices connected to the internet. They communicate to or from via the internet. This article gives brief note on IoT for Smart Home. These devices could include: Sensors – including but not limited to sensors for safety monitoring, health monitoring, equipment monitoring Actuators- included but not limited to […]

Best military drones in the world

Drones are used in military covert operations. For this reason, military drones were more advanced in their features and capabilities and came with additional accessories. There are many drones. The best military drones in the world are very few. Drones are equipped with different state of the art technology such as infrared cameras, GPS and […]

Sensors for Defense and Military Applications

The concept of battlefield and military operations has changed significantly over the years due to technological revolutions. There is a wide range of support provided by sensor technologies. It is from simple sensors to AI-based tools for real-time intelligence sharing and decision support. From soldiers on the ground to combat pilots, sensors are making their […]

China’s military-Rushing to use Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence in China’s military can be the game changer in the future wars. Recent report says, China is moving quickly to add ever more AI and autonomy to military weapons systems. Intelligence supremacy will be the core of future warfare. In future intelligent wars, AI systems will be just like the […]

Kotlin – A handbook for Android Developers

Kotlin is a handbook for Android Developers with its own advantages and disadvantages. As technology keeps updating Kotlin is a boon for Android developers. You can write better and faster Android apps with Kotlin. It is a odern statically typed programming language that will boost your productivity and increase your developer happiness. It is free […]

Should You Outsource IT Services? Here’s How to Tell!

Outsourcing jobs can be a difficult decision when you are starting your business. The high cost of labor can seem difficult to justify, but there comes a time when it becomes a necessity to continue to grow. Obviously, outsourcing makes your life easier, but when does it become “worth it?” Large jobs, specifically IT services, can be […]

Everything from lamps to fridges spying? Well of course.

Technology has enriched our life. Voice assistant speakers? Love ‘em! Smart lights? The ambient light is the best for a relaxed mood. Video doorbells? The wave of smart home tech and automation has made life simpler. I’ve scoffed at those who warn that voice assistant speakers are contributing to the demise of our society. Hacked […]

5 Key Benefits of Using a Security Operations Center for Your Business

Does your bussiness use a security operations center (SOC)? If not, this is something you should consider adding immediately. Cybersecurity has been a problem recently, and incidents of cyber attacks are expected to keep increasing in 2019. No company is immune is a cyber attack. Small companies can be targets as well as massive corporations […]

Why Innovation Is The Future Of The IT Services Industry

While the growth of the technology service sector has been consistent and significant from around $177 billion in 1992 to nearly $1.4 trillion in 2017, it has never been at a helm of gaining any meaningful attention. This is primarily because the key differentiator for IT Services has always been underscored by a single promise […]

3 Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Should Look Out for in 2019

Despite the rate of tech evolution, it’s possible that nothing is changing faster than the cybersecurity landscape. Even as businesses strike down one security threat, three more schemes seem to pop up to take its place and test cyberdefenses at every turn. Moreover, the cyber underworld is evolving and consolidating, according to the McAfee Labs 2019 […]