Telepresence robots

Telepresence robots

Telepresence robots, which have been something of a curiosity, are beginning to crawl into more extensive use. There are a few unique sorts, from the stripped-down Double models, which are fundamentally iPads on wheels, to iRobot’s $30,000 Ava 500.

For what reason is it a distinct advantage?

Crosswise over most divisions, there’s a developing section of provisional laborers and consultants who can’t be in the workplace all day, and workplaces are seeing the benefit of poaching ability crosswise over time zones. Telepresence robots offer a shockingly sufficient option in contrast to being physically present. I’ve got an opportunity to attempt a couple of models, and the capacity to explore around the workplace truly differentiates the experience from a straightforward Skype call.

The market for telepresence robots could reach $8 billion by 2023.