The Internet of Things and the Automobile…Driving in a Revolution…

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In a few years technology will be an inseparable partner in our lives, with the IOT and billions of its devices connecting our world, IOT is set to impact every aspect of our lives. From our living rooms to our cities, from our cars to transportation, from healthcare to education, from banking to business world over information and data is determining the way we conduct our business and our lives.

The auto industry has been in the forefront in integrating the IOT technology. From fully connected cars with self driving capabilities to an intelligent public transport system to devices which update the system with data on traffic and road conditions, parking to emergencies technology is taking over.

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Mobile applications are connecting us to everything from the performance of our cars, to schedules of maintenance, to finding parking spaces, to GPS driven route management. By connecting with other cars and services, we are even talking about placing orders from your car and having goods delivered to it the possibilities are limitless.

Car making is no longer a mechanical human effort driven process, with intelligent technology and robotics, manufacturing a car is almost completely machine driven. Behind the metal frame cars are now controlled completely by computer technology, from entry to ignition, from movement to speed control, safety, efficiency, emergency response everything is coded.

This technology today is upgradable and highly secure and the day isn’t too far away when you will just need to “download and fix” any problem in your car.

Cars of the future will be connected to the cloud and information that it will seek and receive will be real time and updated. From navigation to entertainment, from traffic updates to parking to information on roads, utilities and services everything will be online.

Connectivity has been a tremendous enabler to the urban commuter, mobile technology has redefined mobility, whether you want to call for a taxi or ask for directions, apps are doing it faster than you can say ”Bingo”.

Data driven automotive systems will be the order of the day and over the next few years, the IoT will power the industry towards safer and comfortable commuting.

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