US iPhone users spent, on average $79 on apps last year

US iPhone users spent, on average $79 on apps last year

Apple’s move to get app developers to develop subscription-based apps, has created notable revenue generation on App store. According to the report by the Sensor Tower report due to out later this week, the revenue generated per US iPhone has increased by 36%, from $58 in 2017 to $79 last year.  More than half of this per-device average is being contributed by mobile gaming.

However significant contribution to the revenue is from the subscription apps that are outside of the gaming genre as per the records from the firm.

Report on the US iPhone usage and revenue generated

From 2017 to 2018, iPhone users spent an average of $21 or more on in-app purchases and paid app downloads. Though the average spending per device in 2018 has decreased compared to that from 2015 to 2016, the revenue has fairly increased.

US iPhone users spent, on average $79 on apps last year
US iPhone users spent, on average $79 on apps last year

While iPhone games continue to play a major role in revenue generation around 56 percent or $44 out of the total $79 spent per iPhone in 2018.    

On the other hand, interestingly the non-gaming apps like entertainment apps, music, and social networking and lifestyle apps have also topped the chart, last year.

The health and fitness apps have also grown 75 percent gradually to account for an average of $2.70, up from $1.60 in 2017.

Apple leans on its services more than sales

News state that Apple leans more on its services followed by a gradual decrease in the sales of iPhone.  The services not only include App Store subscriptions but also things like Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, App Store Search ads, AppleCare and more.

As to keep up the subscribers live, Apple has taken vigilant steps in controlling the sneaky plaguing apps that led to the paid membership last week. They led the users to become paid members by tricky buttons and hidden texts and other misleading tactics. Now, Apple has made provided the strict app development outline as to how the subscription look and work.

Even if the sales of iPhone is slow, a big take away is there for the app developers in the near term by building a smart app that will retain its subscribers and also provide the clear subscription goals and benefits.